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Customer Service Training

Course Overview:

Customer service can make or break your business, it is important that everyone on your team is prepared to deliver your brand of service.  This course gives your team the customer service skills necessary to WOW your customers. By the end of the training course, participants will cover:

  • Key themes in customer service research
  • Exceptional customer service - what it is and what it isn't
  • Moments of truth in customer service
  • Creating service that that delights not just satisfies
  • Consequences of poor service
  • 3 principles of exceptional customer service
  • Rapport building
  • First (and last) impressions count
  • Superior Service Questionnaire: How good are you?
  • In our customers shoes what does the customer expect?
  • Role of emailing in customer service
  • Dos and don'ts of emailing
  • Using assertiveness to respond to difficult situation saying no; disagreeing and negotiation
  • Nature of anger
  • Case study in dealing with angry people
  • Tips and tactics around dealing with angry people

Duration: 1 day

Target Audience:

All staff who are responsible to deliver service to others customers, clients or internal customers Participant Manuals are provide